About Me

Hey there! I'm a third-year graduate student in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department at the University of Rochester. I work primarily with Chigusa Kurumada in the Kinder and KurTan labs. I also work there with Mike Tanenhaus and with Florian Jaeger in the HLP lab.

I'm interested in the relationship between linguistic processing and social meanings. Sociolinguists have built a field documenting meaningful correlations between the two phenomena, but how do these correlations affect how we process language on-line (i.e. in real time)? In other words, how does top-down social expectation interact with bottom-up linguistic perception in a diverse world of noisy linguistic signals?

Stuff I Like

  • Doing chores to jazz
  • City skylines
  • Books of essays
  • Wire sculptures
  • My cat, Oberon
  • Coloring books

Current Projects

Cross-speaker phonetic generalization within dialect group

How do we build a mental representations of a structured linguistic variation? What types of reasoning do we use to gather evidence and construct conceptions about how particular groups of talkers are similar? How do we appropriately apply this knowledge to new people we meet?

Modeling contextual effects on lexical form with Child Directed Speech

How does the mind navigate the relationship between language and social context? Socially meaningful intra-speaker variation is well documented across the sociolinguistic literature. How do these contextual variations, or registers, affect predictive processing at the lexical level?


Posters and Presentations

    *Seifeldin, M., Cantor, M., Boland, J., & Brennan, J. (2015). They dropping copulas: salient cues in the integration of speaker identity and syntax. Poster presented at the 28th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing (CUNY). Los Angeles, CA.

    *Boland, J. & *Seifeldin, M. (2014). Homophone Disambiguation and the Social Identity of the Speaker. Poster presented at the 27th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing (CUNY). Columbus, OH.

* denotes presenting author

Student Resources

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